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Thrust into a new world – the world of healthy gaming

In order to understand the birthing of the concept of becoming an esports health consultant, or how I got here, there is a need to understand a little bit of history.

My whole life I’ve only really known video, console and computer games as my main form of recreation. I grew up with TV games and PlayStation. When I got a little older, my parents bought us a computer, then we got internet. A whole new world was opened to me. Spending a large portion of my life playing games has given me many irreplaceable skills. I am convinced that these skills have helped me with my medical studies as well as my own personal life.

I’ve learnt strategy, developed enhanced mental abilities, gained valuable problem-solving skills…

I’ve learnt strategy, developed enhanced mental abilities, gained valuable problem-solving skills, became more creative and found I was able to memorize things better. All these skills are things that have been proven time and time again in multiple studies on video games.

Unfortunately, because of my medical background and knowledge, I was acutely aware of the changes in my body. There were a lot of things in my gaming lifestyle that I recognized as unhealthy and wanted to alter. Because of this, I started to research some of the common health issues facing both casual and esports gamers.

I decided to pursue a competitive esports career. I competed in the popular title League of Legends for three years, playing specifically on an all-female team. During this time, I became increasingly aware of a lot of the health issues that come with the long hours and late nights of game play.

Looking at this picture, and some of the research I have done, the things I realize needs attention, explanation or alternative solutions are the following:

  • Nutrition and a balanced diet
  • Energy drinks and caffeinated beverages
  • Eye strain
  • Pain syndromes from the hand to the back
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Mental fatigue
  • Addiction

I’ve thus become passionate about the cutting-edge research around gaming and health and coming up with new innovative ways to use my medical knowledge to help gamers strive to be more healthy and improve their edge in gaming.

A picture of me during a “boot camp” session – my team was preparing for a local tournament and we would often do long gaming sessions for multiple days.