Wrist Exercises for Gamers

Following my last post, which delved a little into how carpal tunnel syndrome can occur in gamers, there are simple and easy preventative exercises that one can do to keep their fingers, wrists and forearms healthy and pain free.

I am going to share how I like to warm up my wrists before I engage in any form of gameplay, whether it be PC or console gaming. These exercises are easy to do and require absolutely no items. It takes about five to ten minutes to do. I like doing these exercises when I am between matches to keep my tendons and muscles warmed up.

Wrist Rolls

Rolling your wrists helps to warm up your full range of motion. Make sure to rotate the wrist both clockwise and counter clockwise. I do these exercises with both a loosely held first, and then with an open hand.  This exercise is particularly important for console games because there is a lot of dynamic movements while playing using a controller. It allows for decompression of the pressure in the wrist area.

Wrist Stretch

Stretching out your wrists help to loosen the tendons in the area and prevent you from getting tendinitis. It also help to loosen up tightness and relieve strain in the muscles and tendons in your forearms and elbows. With your arms fully extended in front of you, pull your wrist down and hold it there for about 30 seconds before switching to the other direction. You can also do this by standing at your table, resting your palm on the desk and leaning forward.  

These are exercises that are easy to do when you are waiting for a game to start. It is an easy way to prevent wrist injuries and protect your wrist against carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Flexor Stretch
Wrist Extensor Stretch

Dr Levi, an American orthopedic surgeon, has focused a lot of his work on the health in gamers. Here are a couple of his videos, depicting other wrist exercises, which you can follow along.